Trainings: Supported Decision-Making and Alternatives to Guardianship


Disability Rights Texas (DRTx) is providing free trainings on supported decision-making and alternatives to guardianship. Trainings can be provided in-person or online.

Most people with disabilities can manage their own affairs with assistance and guidance from a person they trust. Most people with disabilities do not need a guardian. There are many alternatives to guardianship that give people with disabilities support to make decisions without losing their rights. In 2015, the Texas Legislature enacted several reforms to the guardianship process and adopted new, less restrictive alternatives to guardianship. Alternatives, like supported decision-making, can be used to avoid the need for guardianship.

About the Trainings
In 2016, DRTx received a grant from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) to provide trainings and raise awareness about supported decision-making and alternatives to guardianship. Trainings are being conducted around the state of Texas. Trainings can be tailored to groups of:

  • individuals with disabilities,
  • family members and supporters,
  • legal professionals, and
  • school administrators and disability service providers.

The trainings are designed to:

  • increase awareness of the guardianship process and reforms,
  • increase awareness of alternatives to guardianship,
  • increase understanding of supported decision-making, and
  • facilitate individuals with disabilities to choose supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship.

Trainings are free and can be provided in-person or via webinar. Training subjects can include general issues like supported decision-making and alternatives to guardianship, or more specific topics like supported decision-making and transition planning for public school students with disabilities. The length of the trainings can vary depending on the group.

Are You Interested?
If you or your organization is interested in organizing a training, please email Jeffrey Miller from DRTx or call him at (512) 407-2762.





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