We provide learning opportunities through educational resources and formal training programs.


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We know how important it is for people with developmental disabilities (DD) and their families to be directly involved in policymaking that impacts their lives. TCDD offers opportunities to expand your knowledge of disability issues and advance your leadership and advocacy skills. We also connect you with ways to take action — such as advocating at the Capitol, securing leadership positions, and engaging in other advocacy activities.

Our goal is to support self-advocates, family members and community allies so they can become leaders, share their stories, and improve the lives of Texans with DD.

Whether you are at the beginning of your advocacy journey or you are looking to gain advanced skills to do more, we have resources for you.


TCDD offers training opportunities for people with DD, family members, professionals, and others to explore topics and learn advocacy skills. The following resources include self-paced exploration and more formal training. Leadership programs range from a deep dive into disability policy to condensed, fast-paced programs that promote best practices in policymaking and advance specific skills.

Leadership Training “Sprints”

Creating policy change can feel like running a marathon. But sometimes, we need to sprint into action. We offer ways for leaders to learn and take action within four weeks. This model consists of self-paced modules, live sessions, technical assistance, and class networking. Learn more and pre-register for upcoming sprints.


Texas Partners in Policymaking

Want a deeper dive into disability policy? Texas Partners in Policymaking is an advanced leadership and advocacy program for self-advocates and family members. Each year, about 30 participants are selected for this six-month program to learn legislative advocacy skills from national disability experts, develop innovative projects, and work to impact policy and create long-term change in Texas. You can learn more about this program on the Texas Partners in Policymaking website.

Independent Learning

TCDD has resources on topics important to people with disabilities and their families, including fact sheets, videos, and courses designed to improve your knowledge and skills. Explore our Resources page for information on:

Check out the TCDD YouTube channel for additional resources and learning opportunities, including videos on legislative advocacy, voting, employment skills, and more.  

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