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Find regional information and disability resources.


We partnered with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to develop a regional coordinator initiative so people with disabilities and others around the state have access to region-specific information, resources, and events. Your regional coordinator is the go-to person for disability-related issues in your region.  

Specifically, regional coordinators will: 

  • provide information; 
  • collect and share resources; 
  • promote educational trainings; 
  • host events; 
  • make connections with individuals and organizations; and 
  • foster a broad network of disability advocates and experts. 

You can connect with your regional coordinator directly by phone or email. When you connect, you’ll be able to stay up to date with what’s new and what’s happening in your part of the state.

Find Your Regional Coordinator

Use the following table to find which regional coordinator serves your county. Enter your county’s name in the search box located above the right side of the table. The table will automatically display the result. You can use the drop-down menu above the left side of the table to limit the number of results that appear in the table. You can also use the navigation arrows in the first column of the table to sort results alphabetically.    

County NameRegionRegional Coordinator Website
AndersonEastEast Region
AndrewsWestWest Region
AngelinaEastEast Region
AransasCoastalCoastal Region
ArcherNorthNorth Region
ArmstrongWestWest Region
AtascosaSouthSouth Region
AustinCoastalCoastal Region
BaileyWestWest Region
BanderaSouthSouth Region
BastropCentralCentral Region
BaylorNorthNorth Region
BeeCoastalCoastal Region
BellNorthNorth Region
BexarSouthSouth Region
BlancoCentralCentral Region
BordenWestWest Region
BosqueNorthNorth Region
BowieEastEast Region
BrazoriaCoastalCoastal Region
BrazosEastEast Region
BrewsterWestWest Region
BriscoeWestWest Region
BrooksSouthSouth Region
BrownNorthNorth Region
BurlesonEastEast Region
BurnetNorthNorth Region
CaldwellCentralCentral Region
CalhounCoastalCoastal Region
CallahanNorthNorth Region
CameronSouthSouth Region
CampEastEast Region
CarsonWestWest Region
CassEastEast Region
CastroWestWest Region
ChambersEastEast Region
CherokeeEastEast Region
ChildressWestWest Region
ClayWestWest Region
CochranWestWest Region
CokeWestWest Region
ColemanNorthNorth Region
CollinNorthNorth Region
CollingsworthWestWest Region
ColoradoCoastalCoastal Region
ComalCentralCentral Region
ComancheNorthNorth Region
ConchoNorthNorth Region
CookeNorthNorth Region
CoryellNorthNorth Region
CottleWestWest Region
County NameRegionRegional Coordinator Website
CraneWestWest Region
CrockettWestWest Region
CrosbyWestWest Region
CulbersonWestWest Region
DallamWestWest Region
DallasNorthNorth Region
DawsonWestWest Region
Deaf SmithWestWest Region
DeltaEastEast Region
DentonNorthNorth Region
DeWittCoastalCoastal Region
DickensWestWest Region
DimmittSouthSouth Region
DonleyWestWest Region
DuvalSouthSouth Region
EastlandNorthNorth Region
EctorWestWest Region
EdwardsSouthSouth Region
El PasoWestWest Region
EllisNorthNorth Region
ErathNorthNorth Region
FallsNorthNorth Region
FanninNorthNorth Region
FayetteCoastalCoastal Region
FisherWestWest Region
FloydWestWest Region
FoardNorthNorth Region
Fort BendCoastalCoastal Region
FranklinEastEast Region
FreestoneNorthNorth Region
FrioSouthSouth Region
GainesWestWest Region
GalvestonCoastalCoastal Region
GarzaWestWest Region
GillespieCentralCentral Region
GlasscockWestWest Region
GoliadCoastalCoastal Region
GonzalesCoastalCoastal Region
GrayWestWest Region
GraysonNorthNorth Region
GreggEastEast Region
GrimesEastEast Region
GuadalupeCentralCentral Region
HaleWestWest Region
HallWestWest Region
HamiltonNorthNorth Region
HansfordWestWest Region
HardemanNorthNorth Region
HardinEastEast Region
HarrisCoastalCoastal Region
HarrisonEastEast Region
HartleyWestWest Region
HaskellNorthNorth Region
HaysCentralCentral Region
HemphillWestWest Region
HendersonEastEast Region
HidalgoSouthSouth Region
HillNorthNorth Region
HockleyWestWest Region
HoodNorthNorth Region
HopkinsEastEast Region
HoustonEastEast Region
HowardWestWest Region
HudspethWestWest Region
HuntNorthNorth Region
HutchinsonWestWest Region
IrionWestWest Region
JacksonCoastalCoastal Region
JasperEastEast Region
Jeff DavisWestWest Region
JeffersonCoastalCoastal Region
Jim HoggSouthSouth Region
Jim WellsSouthSouth Region
JohnsonNorthNorth Region
JonesNorthNorth Region
KarnesCoastalCoastal Region
KaufmanNorthNorth Region
KendallCentralCoastal Region
KenedySouthSouth Region
KentWestWest Region
KerrCentralCentral Region
KimbleCentralCentral Region
KingWestWest Region
KinneyCentralCentral Region
KlebergSouthSouth Region
KnoxNorthNorth Region
LamarEastEast Region
LambWestWest Region
LampasasNorthNorth Region
LaSalleSouthSouth Region
LavacaCoastalCoastal Region
LeeEastEast Region
LeonEastEast Region
LibertyCoastalCoastal Region
LimestoneNorthNorth Region
LipscombWestWest Region
Live OakSouthSouth Region
LlanoCentralCentral Region
LovingWestWest Region
LubbockWestWest Region
LynnWestWest Region
MadisonEastEast Region
MarionEastEast Region
MartinWestWest Region
MasonCentralCentral Region
MatagordaCoastalCoastal Region
MaverickSouthSouth Region
McCullochNorthNorth Region
McLennanNorthNorth Region
McMullenSouthSouth Region
MedinaSouthSouth Region
MenardCentralCentral Region
MidlandWestWest Region
MilamEastEast Region
MillsNorthNorth Region
MitchellWestWest Region
MontagueNorthNorth Region
MontgomeryEastEast Region
MooreWestWest Region
MorrisEastEast Region
MotleyWestWest Region
NacogdochesEastEast Region
NavarroNorthNorth Region
NewtonEastEast Region
NolanWestWest Region
NuecesCoastalCoastal Region
OchiltreeWestWest Region
OldhamWestWest Region
OrangeCoastalCoastal Region
Palo PintoNorthNorth Region
PanolaEastEast Region
ParkerNorthNorth Region
ParmerWestWest Region
PecosWestWest Region
PolkEastEast Region
PotterWestWest Region
PresidioWestWest Region
RainsEastEast Region
RandallWestWest Region
ReaganWestWest Region
RealSouthSouth Region
Red RiverEastEast Region
ReevesWestWest Region
RefugioCoastalCoastal Region
RobertsEastEast Region
RobertsWestWest Region
RobertsonEastEast Region
RockwallNorthNorth Region
RunnelsNorthNorth Region
RuskEastEast Region
SabineEastEast Region
San AugustineEastEast Region
San JacintoEastEast Region
San PatricioCoastalCoastal Region
San SabaNorthNorth Region
SchleicherNorthNorth Region
ScurryWestWest Region
ShackelfordNorthNorth Region
ShelbyEastEast Region
ShermanWestWest Region
SmithEastEast Region
SmithWestWest Region
SomervellNorthNorth Region
StarrSouthSouth Region
StephensNorthNorth Region
SterlingWestWest Region
StonewallWestWest Region
SuttonCentralCentral Region
SwisherWestWest Region
TarrantNorthNorth Region
TaylorNorthNorth Region
TerrellWestWest Region
TerryWestWest Region
ThrockmortonNorthNorth Region
TitusEastEast Region
Tom GreenWestWest Region
TravisCentralCentral Region
TrinityEastEast Region
TylerEastEast Region
UpshurEastEast Region
UptonWestWest Region
UvaldeSouthSouth Region
Val VerdeSouthSouth Region
Van ZandtEastEast Region
VictoriaCoastalCoastal Region
WalkerCoastalCoastal Region
WallerCoastalCoastal Region
WardWestWest Region
WashingtonCoastalCoastal Region
WebbSouthSouth Region
WhartonCoastalCoastal Region
WheelerWestWest Region
WichitaNorthNorth Region
WilbargerNorthNorth Region
WillacySouthSouth Region
WilliamsonCentralCentral Region
WilsonCoastalCoastal Region
WinklerWestWest Region
WiseNorthNorth Region
WoodEastEast Region
YoakumWestWest Region
YoungNorthNorth Region
ZapataSouthSouth Region
ZavalaSouthSouth Region

Regional Resources

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