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Austin, Texas, USA - January 6, 2014: Empty House of Representatives chamber in the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, Texas

Every two years, the Texas Legislature convenes for a 140-day regular legislative session. This year, the 87th Texas Legislature begins on Jan. 12, 2021, and will conclude on May 31, 2021. The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) will monitor legislative activities during the session that could impact disability-related programs and services.

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Texas Legislative News

We will provide regular Texas Legislative News updates on what’s happening at the Capitol. These weekly updates include important testimony, hearings to watch, public-input opportunities, legislative-related resources, and more..

Bill of the Week

For this weekly feature, we highlight a noteworthy Bill of the Week that is going through the legislative process. The bill may relate directly to our Public Policy Priorities or another disability-related issue.

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