Translation & Interpretation Stipends

Reducing language barriers to access services and supports.

TCDD has funding available to support translation and interpretation services to reduce linguistic barriers among individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) and families to access services and supports in Texas. Funding for these stipends is made available to the TCDD through a grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL), Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201.

Stipend Intent

TCDD stipend support is available to organizations or agencies to translate printed materials or provide verbal or American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services to reduce linguistic barriers and support people with DD and families. Translation may be offered to improve understanding and access to services and support or to inform people with DD and their families about their rights.

These stipends are intended to help reduce linguistic barriers so that all people with disabilities are fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives.


TCDD stipends are available to community organizations, for-profit businesses, nonprofits, municipal entities, colleges, and universities. Stipends will not be awarded to entities that have a current grant from TCDD that includes, or could, include, funds for the translation of their materials. Individuals and state and federal agencies required to translate materials are not eligible to receive these grants.

An applicant must also:

  • be an organization that has a valid or pending approval in for its Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number and its account is active; and
  • be registered and in good standing as a Texas state vendor.   

Stipend Requirements

Stipend applications must be submitted least 60 days before your event date. The request must demonstrate that:

  • the materials and messages translated with these funds are consistent with person-centered and family-centered philosophy;
  • the outreach strategies will have the greatest impact to reach and include unserved and underserved populations in Texas; and
  • the materials and messages are consistent with the mission, philosophy, goals, and objectives of the Council.


TCDD stipends are intended to provide support to individuals and family members who would otherwise be unable to participate. Stipend awards should prioritize Texas residents who have not previously attended the event.


Organizations must submit their translated materials to TCDD for reporting purposes. TCDD will not distribute these materials.

A final activity report summarizing the services, outreach activities, and benefits to individuals with DD and their families must be submitted within 30 days after the translation or interpretation is completed.

Activity Report

For Translation stipends, recipients must submit a report with their final Request for Reimbursement (RAR) that describes the material translated, how the translated material was used, who was the intended audience, how the translated material was distributed to the intended audience, and how the goals for reducing linguistic barriers among people with disabilities were met. Copies of translated material should be submitted.


Organizations that receive funding will be responsible for complying with all federal assurances, guidelines, rules and procedures of TCDD. No matching funds are required for this stipend.

Funding is limited to $3,000 per organization per year. Multiple applications from an organization may be considered until this maximum is reached.

Requests for Reimbursement (RARs) and activity reports must be submitted within 30 days after the translation or interpretation is completed. Payments are made based on reimbursement after the event is conducted. Documentation and receipts are required for all expenditures.

Preference will be given to organizations that will use translation and interpretation services that will offer the greatest impact to underserved and unserved populations in Texas.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by TCDD based on allowable costs, availability of funding, and whether the event is consistent with the TCDD mission and federal funding requirements.

Application and Submission Process

Translation and interpretation requests must be submitted least 60 days before your event date. Applications received later will not be reviewed. Any requested revisions to an application made by TCDD must be returned within five (5) days of the request to avoid rejection of the application.

Applications must be emailed to apply@tcdd.texas.govIf you have any questions about this stipend application, please email your questions to

How to Apply

To apply for this stipend, please complete the stipend application form (PDF). Then, email your completed form to

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