Conference and Event Stipends

Enhancing opportunities to attend disability-related events.

TCDD has funding available for Conference and Event Stipends to support people with developmental disabilities (DD) and family members attending disability-related events in Texas. Stipends are also available to support disability-related speakers at events.

Funding for these stipends is made available to TCDD through a grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL), Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201.

Stipend Intent

Conference and Event Stipends enable people with DD and their family members to attend established in-state professional or informational events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, or legislative advocacy training sessions. These events should provide participants with information and awareness about best practices in services and supports to people with DD or directly promote self-advocacy and self-determination. TCDD believes that participation in such events enhances opportunities for people with DD to exercise choice and control in their lives and can promote independence, productivity, and community inclusion of people with DD.

The stipends are limited to Texas residents who are not eligible for conference, workshop, or training reimbursement from other organizations of which they are an employee or a member.


TCDD stipends are available to community organizations, for-profit businesses, nonprofits, municipal entities, colleges, and universities. Individuals are not eligible to receive TCDD stipends.

An applicant must also:

  • be an organization that has a valid or pending approval in for its Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number and its account is active; and
  • be registered and in good standing as a Texas state vendor. 

Stipend Requirements

Stipend applications must be submitted least 60 days before your event date. Applications must:

  • demonstrate that the event has educational or advocacy objectives related to DD issues;
  • outline how the stipend will be used consistent with the TCDD mission, philosophical principles, goals, and objectives;
  • provide assurance that funds will be used only to support the participation of people with disabilities that meet the federal definition of a developmental disability, or family members of persons who have DD, and who have no other organizational or agency source of funding to attend the event;
  • provide assurance that a priority will be given to people who have not previously received TCDD stipend support; and
  • describe the potential recipients of the stipend and how recipients will be selected for stipend support.


TCDD stipends are intended to provide support to individuals and family members who would otherwise be unable to participate. Stipend awards should prioritize Texas residents who have not previously attended the event.

Activity Report

Stipend recipients must submit a final activity report summarizing the conference activities, event attendance, and the individuals supported to attend the conference. Organizations are expected to gather information and report the number of self-advocates, and family members supported to attend with TCDD funds, including names, email addresses, gender, race/ethnicity, and geographic region of residence. Conference sponsors should also gather personal stories from participants about their conference experience and how they plan to use the information.


Stipend recipients are responsible for complying with all federal assurances, guidelines, and TCDD rules and procedures.

Funding is limited to one $7,500 stipend per organization, per year, for one in-state conference seminar, or workshop.

A minimum of 10% matching funding as a share of direct costs is required. For example, if the applicant requests $7,500 from TCDD, the applicant must contribute at least $750 in matching funds for a total budget of $8,250. All match, both cash and in-kind, can only come from non-federal sources and must be for direct and allowable costs as defined in 45 CFR, Part 75. Applicants may submit more than 10% match if available. For more information on sources for allowable match, please visit our Grantee Resource Center or review our video on meeting match requirements.

Stipend recipients may be asked to provide TCDD with one exhibit booth per conference at no additional cost to TCDD.

Application and Submission Process

Stipend applications must be submitted least 60 days before your event date. Applications will be reviewed and selected by TCDD based on allowable costs, availability of funding, and whether the event is consistent with the TCDD mission and federal funding requirements. Any requested revisions to an application made by TCDD must be returned within five days of the request to avoid dismissal of the application.

Applications must be emailed to If you have questions about your stipend application, please email them to

How to Apply

To apply for this stipend, please complete the stipend application form (PDF). Then, email your completed form to

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