The Arc of Texas — Partners in Disability Leadership

Project Summary
The Arc of Texas coordinated the Partners in Disability Leadership project to enhance the strategic leadership capacity in the developmental disabilities (DD) service and support system. The project tackled the lack of leadership support for DD staff with a comprehensive program specific to the DD service community. The Arc of Texas developed a curriculum with information about current service environments as well as state and local legislative challenges and opportunities. The project received support from community partners, including Texas Advocates and the Institute for Person-Centered Practices, to ensure the curriculum would increase participants’ knowledge and commitment to the self-direction and full inclusion of people with DD.

Along with training, participants completed projects that addressed specific DD-related issues and service needs, including the following examples:

  • Creating improvement recommendations for transition support teams that provide technical assistance and consultation to service providers.
  • Collaborating with special educators to provide information to families on available services and supports for their children.
  • Designing a music-therapy funding resource guide accessible to people with DD and mental health conditions.
  • Developing and testing strategies to increase capacity and competency for disability service providers. 

Project Period
September 2019 to October 2022

Geographic Reach

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