disABILITYsa — Self-Advocates in Participatory Action Research

Project Goal
Develop an accessible training curriculum for people with developmental disabilities (DD) to engage in participatory action research 

Project Summary
disABILITYsa is developing a comprehensive and replicable training curriculum to engage disability audiences and build awareness and understanding of the importance of participatory action research within the disability and research communities. Over the course of the project, the San Antonio-based nonprofit will complete a literature review; publish training materials on its website; and provide training to people with DD.

TCDD funds participatory action research projects to promote equal relationships between coordinators and participants in DD-related research. Projects create training opportunities and resources so people with DD are actively involved and have a voice in research about disability issues. Projects also strengthen the connection between researchers and the disability community.

Project Start
February 2023

5727 IH-10 W.
San Antonio, TX 78201

Geographic Reach

Bexar County 

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