Annual Report

Each year, TCDD is required to submit a program performance report to the Administration on Disabilities (AoD) that summarizes activities and accomplishments achieved while implementing the approved State Plan. The report includes the results of consumer satisfaction and stakeholder surveys, as well as other specific measures required by AoD. In addition, TCDD develops a summarized version of the report, which describes key accomplishments and outcomes.

TCDD Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report

The annual report for fiscal year 2019 highlights the projects and activities funded by TCDD that made it easier for people with disabilities to be fully included in their local communities.

2019 TCDD Annual Report English Thumbnail
2019 Annual Report
(PDF, 342 KB, 3 pages)

2019 TCDD Annual Report Espanol Thumbnail
Informe Anual del Año Fiscal 2019
(PDF, 356 KB, 3 paginas)

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Previous Annual Reports are available upon request.