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Ableism can be found in all areas of our communities. We must all work together to end it.

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Ableism – English (PDF, 3.4 MB, 1 page)

Ableism – Español (PDF, 3.5 MB, 1 page)

Community Living

All people with disabilities should have access to the services and supports when and where they need them. However, Texas currently does not serve every person in need. This fact sheet covers why the long-term services and supports needs of many Texans with IDD are not being met, and it provides examples and recommendations for increasing access to services so more people can live in the community.

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Community Living (PDF, 544 KB, 2 pages)

Employment First

It is policy and law in the State of Texas that earning a living wage through competitive integrated employment is the first and preferred outcome for adults with disabilities who receive public benefits. This fact sheet provides information about Employment First and makes the case for increasing competitive integrated employment in Texas.

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Employment First (PDF, 529 KB, 2 pages)

Medicaid and IDD in Texas

This fact sheet provides information on how access to Medicaid services impacts people with IDD in Texas. The fact sheet covers some of the Medicaid programs that help people with IDD participate in community life, where Texas ranks compared to other states, and more.

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Medicaid and IDD in Texas (PDF, 338 KB, 1 page)

State Supported Living Centers

Texas has the highest institutionalized population of individuals with IDD of any state – 11.5% of the U.S. total. Yet, there are 10 times as many people with the highest level of need supported with waiver services in the community than there are in SSLCs. This fact sheet makes the case for consolidating State Supported Living Centers and improving community services so more people with complex needs can live in the community

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State Supported Living Centers (PDF, 382 KB, 2 pages)