Grantee How-To Videos

View short videos on managing your TCDD grant project. 

Training Video thumbnail - Starting a New TCDD GrantThis video contains information for new and existing TCDD grantees on the processes involved from the beginning of a TCDD grant award to the closeout of a completed grant project. The video welcomes grantees; highlights guidelines and procedures regarding vendor checks; discusses introductory emails, meet-and-greets, negotiations of award details and budgets, final approvals, and the Notice of Grant Award (NGA); and sets the stage for the kickoff meeting to start new grant activities. (Video length – 6:26) 

Training Video thumbnail - How to use QualtricsThis training video shows you how to use Qualtrics to complete and send reports and surveys to TCDD. The electronic survey tool can be used on any internet-connected computer or mobile device. (Video length – 3:33)


Top 5 Ways to Improve Your QPPRThis video covers strategies for TCDD grantees to improve their Quarterly Program Performance Reports, including ways to summarize activities and accomplishments; collect data; review grant products; report presentations and partnerships; and share strong personal impact stories. (Video length — 15:45) View the presentation slides from this video (PDF).

Meeting Match Requirements Training Video thumbnail

This video provides instruction on meeting match requirements for your project, including criteria for counting match funds, common pitfalls related to match requirements, examples of match requirements, and other details. (Video length – 13:21)

RAR Training Video thumbnailThis video explains how to complete and submit a Request for Advance Reimbursement (RAR) for your project. (Video length – 9:24)

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