Grantee How-To Videos

View short videos on topics related to your grant. 

Training Video thumbnail - How to use Qualtrics

This video shows you how to use Qualtrics to complete and send reports and surveys to TCDD. The electronic survey tool can be used on any internet-connected computer or mobile device. (Video length – 3:33)

QPPRTraining Video thumbnail

This video provides guidance and instruction on how to submit your Quarterly Program Performance Report (QPPR). A report should be submitted at the end of each federal fiscal quarter using the QPPR Survey.

If you manage a mini-grant, use the same survey to submit your interim program performance report. In the survey, select the option that says “I’m reporting grant activities for a mini-grant” and enter the start and end dates of your reporting period. (Video length – 18:00)

Advocacy Activity Survey Training Video thumbnailThis video covers how to complete and submit an Advocacy Activity Survey for your project. The survey helps inform TCDD of your project’s impact on advocacy and self-advocacy. (Video length – 5:32)

Satisfaction Survey Training Video thumbnailThis video covers how to complete and submit a Satisfaction Survey for your project. The survey gathers data from participants in TCDD grant-related activities and asks participants about their experience with an event or program. The data is then reported to TCDD’s federal funding agency.

The survey comes in two versions, one for participant responses and one for bulk-entry grantee responses. (Video length – 5:31)

Meeting Match Requirements Training Video thumbnail

This video provides instruction on meeting match requirements for your project, including criteria for counting match funds, common pitfalls related to match requirements, examples of match requirements, and other details. (Video length – 13:21)

RAR Training Video thumbnailThis video explains how to complete and submit a Request for Advance Reimbursement (RAR) for your project. (Video length – 9:24)