Project Amistad — Peer Support for People in Institutions

Project Summary
Project Amistad developed a peer-support training program for people living in state-supported living centers, intermediate care facilities, nursing homes, and other institutions. Through the training, participants were able to better understand their rights, learn about opportunities available in their communities, and lead or actively participate in their own person-centered planning. 

TCDD funding supported this project to increase access to information and training for people with developmental disabilities (DD), families, and caregivers to advocate for themselves and collaborate with allies to impact public policy, service systems, and community supports. 

Project Highlights

  • 48 people with DD received training to become peer-support specialists, providing mentorship and building skills to find jobs in their communities.
  • 190 people with DD living in institutions connected with peer-support specialists for mentorship and planning sessions.
  • Staff from El Paso-based institutions connected with community groups to build partnerships for long-term community inclusion initiatives.
  • Spanish-language resources enhanced training for Spanish-speaking participants.

Project Period
May 2018 to April 2023

Geographic Reach
El Paso County  

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