Metrocare Services — Disability Cultural Humility for Elected Officials

Project Goal
Develop training programs and materials for elected leaders to deepen their understanding of people with disabilities and increase their engagement with the disability community   

Project Summary
Metrocare Services is creating training modules that include videos and other informational materials so elected leaders and their staff can learn more about people with disabilities and the policy issues important to their lives, including barriers to accessibility and community. The project includes a review of gaps in existing training as well as focus meetings with advisory groups. Along with training, the project promotes engagement between elected leaders and the disability community. 

TCDD funds projects that give elected leaders and their staff tools to have meaningful conversations with people with disabilities, ask important questions respectfully, and view policy issues with the disability community in mind. TCDD also promotes ongoing learning that addresses the needs of elected leaders and staff who are unfamiliar with disability issues and want to learn more.

Project Start
March 2023

1345 River Bend Drive, Ste. 200
Dallas, TX 75247

Geographic Reach


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