Get to know Delysa Amissah-Aidoo, TCDD UX/UI Accessibility Intern

Get to know Delysa Amissah-Aidoo

This summer, Delysa Amissah-Aidoo served as the user experience/user interface (UX/UI) accessibility intern for the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD). Amissah-Aidoo attends Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where she studies business information systems and graphic design.

In the following Q-and-A, Amissah-Aidoo shares insight about her experience at TCDD and why she decided to apply for the internship.

Why did you apply for the UX/UI Web Accessibility Internship?

I applied for the internship because I was eager to gain professional experience. When I found the internship, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It would allow me to explore my interest in user experience and user interface. The accessibility portion attracted me to the position even more. Not only would I learn more about user experience, but I would learn how to create a website that included everyone. The only thing left was to meet the listed requirements. I had experience with most of them, which gave me the confidence to apply.

What have you been working on during your internship?

I have been helping with TCDD’s rebranding process. So far, I have designed a variety of logo options for the new brand and helped set up the Council’s new website with TCDD web administrator, Le Lien.

I have gained so much knowledge during the internship. I have learned about the technical aspects of building a website including the design and maintenance. I have also learned about the graphic design industry.

Why is accessibility important in UX/UI design?

Accessibility is a necessity in UX/UI, because it is the essence of UX/UI. User experience and interface deals with human-centered design, which creates a seamless experience for users. Creating accessible products including websites does just that. It ensures that every single person in the target audience is included in the design.

After you complete your internship, what are your future goals in your professional or educational life?

After the internship, I have one more year to finish my undergraduate degree. I am excited to learn more about information technology and UX/UI this school year. When I complete school, I would like to gain more UX/UI experience in a corporate organization. I am also excited to create my own design company so I can freelance on the side.

Do you have any advice for others interested in applying for an internship at TCDD?

I am so grateful to have been chosen as an intern at TCDD. I am having a great time. I would tell them to go for it. TCDD gives everyone a voice and allows you to make an impact in many lives. I would encourage anyone interested in working as an intern to do their research about TCDD. Learn about the wonderful message the organization represents and find where you fit in. I would also encourage them to learn more about the importance of accessibility and present a portfolio of work they are proud of.



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