Walter Shumac IV Trains to become a Direct Support Professional


By taking advantage of a new program to help students with developmental disabilities become certified as direct support professionals, Walter Shumac IV has reached the final stage of training: a semester of supervised, paid work experience in a community setting. This training is part of a one-year professional certification program, the Bridge to Career in Human Services through Texas A&M University.

Walter Shumac with a laptop.

Walter Shumac IV trains to become a certified direct support professional through Texas A&M’s Bridge to Career in Human Service program.

Walter attended the program’s first five-week summer institute last year on independent living and study skills, self-determination, disability and development, and professionalism. Then he completed a semester of classes at the university where he enjoyed college life while living in a private dorm with other students. In his free time, he attended cultural and volunteer activities on campus. The Texas native looks forward to completing the training, getting a job and apartment, and living a great life.

The training program is one of three career development projects and 43 other projects funded by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities in fiscal year 2012. Learn more about Walter, the Bridge to Career in Human Services project and the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities in the TCDD Annual Report.