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The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) tracks bills that could impact people with disabilities and their families. Use our Bill Tracking Reports to learn about the bills that could impact you.

The Legislature passes bills that are sent to the Governor to sign and become law. TCDD staff have been monitoring bills filed during the 85th Texas Legislature that could affect people with disabilities and their families. Over 6,500 bills have been filed for this legislative session.

TCDD staff have identified and analyzed 566 bills that could affect people with disabilities. Of those bills, the ones that could have the most impact are included on Legislative Bill Tracking on the TCDD website. These 183 bills have been separated into 14 Bill Tracking Report categories to make it easier to find bills that may be of interest to you. Examples of report categories include Education, Employment, Healthcare, and State Supported Living Centers.

Bill Tracking Reports include the following for each bill listed:

  • A description of the bill
  • An analysis of how the bill could impact Texans with disabilities and their families
  • The last action taken on the bill in the legislative process [1. It is possible that an action has been taken on a bill since the last time TCDD updated a Bill Tracking Report. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding a bill’s last action, click on the bill link that will take you to the TLO website.]
  • A link to more information about the bill on Texas Legislature Online (TLO)

You can use the Bill Tracking Reports to monitor bills that are important to you. Also, when bills are considered by legislative committees, there may be opportunities to provide public testimony at committee hearings and/or to watch the hearings online. Subscribe to TCDD eNews and follow us on Twitter to receive alerts about committee hearings that will address the disability-related bills TCDD is tracking.

For access to all 14 Bill Tracking Reports, visit the Legislative Bill Tracking webpage.


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