Sunset Staff Recommends Continuation of TCDD

Texas State Capitol Building
The Sunset Advisory Commission issued a staff report that recommends the continuation of TCDD

The Sunset Advisory Commission issued a staff report that recommends the continuation of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) for 12 years until 2027: Staff Report with Commission Decisions Dec 2014 webpage. Sunset staff found that TCDD and its functions are necessary to ensure that Texas meets the needs of people with developmental disabilities (DD). The report states that TCDD fulfills the critical role of identifying the most pressing needs of Texans with DD. Once the needs are determined, TCDD works to advance public policy and systems change to allow people with DD to gain more control over their own lives.

The report also recommends that TCDD improve its process for tracking grant project outcomes. Specifically, the report recommends that TCDD establish clear expectations for grant project outcomes and track the progress of five-year grant projects designed to continue beyond the TCDD funding period. The report suggests this information will help TCDD to better identify successful outcomes, increase the effectiveness of future efforts, and ultimately improve the long-term impacts on services offered to people with DD.

“TCDD agrees that sustainability and tracking outcomes beyond the life of a grant are important,” said Roger Webb, TCDD’s executive director. “We will continue to work with the Council to implement system improvements.”

The Commission will meet tentatively on November 12 to 13. The Commission will discuss staff reports on TCDD and other agencies on Wednesday, November 12, and then will take testimony on reports about TCDD and other agencies on Thursday, November 13. The Commission is tentatively scheduled to meet December 10 to vote on which changes to recommend to the full Legislature.

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