Rural Transportation Available in Parts of the State


Did you know that in addition to obtaining medical care, rural transportation funding may also be used to transport people to work, school, shopping, visiting family and other places? There are 38 public rural transit providers across the state. Additionally, 300 private nonprofit agencies provide transportation for seniors and individuals with special needs. Although some rural transportation services operate with a fixed route service, most require you to call ahead for reservations. Some rural areas also have commuter buses that take people to work and connector systems that go to other public transportation such as other buses, train stations and airports.

TxDOTTo find out who provides rural transportation in your county, see the Texas Department of Transportation Map of Rural Transportation Providers, Then find the provider’s phone number on the TxDOT Rural Transit Systems Contacts page.

You can also call 2-1-1 or contact your county government to find out what programs are in your area. If dialing 2-1-1 doesn’t work on your phone, you can call toll free (877) 541-7905.

Visit the national Rural Assistance Center website for information, including what accommodations rural transit must provide to people with disabilities.