DADS Rider 21 Cost Comparison Report Summary


DADS Rider 21 — Cost Comparison Report Summary

SettingCostAverage Monthly Cost Per Individual
— FY 2013
Average Monthly Cost Per Individual
— FY 2015
Percent Change FY 2013
to FY 2015
State Operated ICF (State Supported Living Centers)Long-Term Care Costs$14,143.81$17,637.4624.70%
Administrative / Overhead Costs$5,090.40$6,697.1231.56%
Total State Operated
HCS Waiver — ResidentialLong-Term Care Costs$5,116.89$5,170.801.05%
Acute Care Costs$356.21$761.74113.85%
Total HCS — Residential Costs:$5,473.10$5,932.548.39%
HCS Waiver — All SettingsLong-Term Care Costs$3,472.29$3,522.261.44%
Acute Care Costs$465.15$744.9760.16%
Total HCS — All Settings Costs:$3,937.44$4,267.238.38%


SSLCs include residential services, habilitation services, medical services, skills training, and adjunctive therapy services.

Medicaid reimbursed acute care services, such as hospitalization and doctor visits, provided to people in the HCS Waiver program are paid by HHSC. For SSLCs, these costs are covered in the per diem reimbursement rate.

HCS waiver acute services transferred from Fee For Service to Managed Care in FY 2015. This transition correlates with the increase in acute costs in the HCS waiver program.

Average Dollars Paid by Month for HCS Waiver Services for People who Transition from SSLCs — Fiscal Years 2013 and 2015

Residence TypeMean FY 2013Number of People FY 2013Mean FY 2015Number of People FY 2015

Comparison of Select Consumer Characteristics at State Operated ICF (SSLC) Fiscal Year 2015 as of August 31, 2016

Selected CharacteristicNumber of PeoplePercent of Total PeopleNumber of HCS and TxHML WaiversPercent of Total HCS and TxHML Waivers
Level of Need 1: Intermittent3709.13%10,80431.56%
Level of Need 5: Limited1,45743.31%15,33444.80%
Level of Need 8: Extensive1,07631.99%5,43815.89%
Level of Need 6: Pervasive50815.10%2,4997.30%
Level of Need 9: Pervasive Plus160.48%1530.47%
Total People:3,364100.01%34,228100.0%
Selected CharacteristicNumber of PeopleNo dataNumber of HCS WaiversNo data
Mental Health Diagnosis: Schizophrenia2121,792
Physical / Ambulatory Status: Non-Ambulatory1,0272,357

Date: February 6, 2017


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