Understanding Employment Options and Supports

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Through a grant from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, the National Disability Institute (NDI) developed educational resources designed to educate Texans about how the benefits a person with a disability receives could be impacted if they have a job. The project, Understanding Employment Options and Supports, aims to bust some of the myths associated with working while receiving a public benefit like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These resources can help people with disabilities, their families, and professionals make informed decisions related to employment and financial empowerment for people with disabilities.


The videos below cover different topics related to employment, work incentives, and other benefits.

SSI and SSI Work Incentives: You Can Make an Informed Choice About Work

SSDI and SSDI Work Incentives for Texans

Debunking the Three Biggest Myths About SSI and Work

Answering the Big Question: If I Go to Work, Will I Lose My Medicaid or Medicare?

Online Training

If you are a Texan receiving disability benefits, the thought of getting your first job or returning to work may be scary. Fortunately, Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Work Incentives can help you integrate slowly into the workforce, and knowing how to use their Work Incentives and work supports can help you achieve your employment goals and enhance your financial well-being. Even if you are not among the nearly one-third of Americans with a disability who live in poverty, you may be unsure about performing substantial gainful activity (SGA) fearing it may jeopardize your benefits.

While SSA’s Work Incentives provide a safety net when you are testing your ability to work, learning how to best use them may be confusing. Thanks to a self-paced online training developed by NDI, it doesn’t have to be. Making the Choice to Work: Social Security Disability Benefits and Work Incentives explains the process in detail and answers your questions about working with a disability. Whether you receive SSDI, SSI, or both (Concurrent) benefits, Making the Choice to Work was created to provide individuals, families, and professionals:

  • Basic information about Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare/Medicaid benefits
  • Information to support informed decision-making
  • Introduction to programs and services available to help people with disabilities move toward financial success

This comprehensive training curriculum will answer most of your questions about using Social Security Work Incentives and supports and directs you to professionals who can fill in any knowledge gaps. Additionally, it provides information about advocacy, employment networks, and benefits counseling to assist you in your job search. There is even a module to educate you on managing your increased income.

To access the free training, follow these steps:

  1. Visit NDI’s Online Classroom by clicking here: http://bit.ly/MakingtheChoicetoWork
  2. Select “Register Now”
  3. Select “NDI Courses” in the left navigation bar
  4. Select “Making the Choice to Work: Social Security Disability Benefits and Work Incentives”