Texas COVID Stories

Texas COVID Stories

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities is continuing to monitor how people with disabilities and their families are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we conducted two surveys to learn about the effects of the initial shutdown, school and workplace changes, social distancing, and the lives of many people being disrupted. Participants had an opportunity to tell their stories and to share their ideas for solving some of the challenges they experienced as a result of COVID-19. The stories and ideas will help us inform legislators, state agency administrators, and other leaders so they understand how their decisions could impact people with disabilities and their families.

3 Months After Initial State Shutdowns

In spring 2020, Texans were asked if COVID-19 had disrupted their access to services, if they had been able to stay safe during the pandemic, and whom they called if they needed help. Nearly 90 people participated in the first round of Texas COVID Stories. Almost a third of respondents were self-advocates. You can read some of the stories submitted by people from across Texas.


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6 Months After Initial State Shutdowns

A second survey was conducted in summer 2020 to learn how Texans with disabilities and their families were navigating the pandemic six months after initial state shutdowns. Participants were asked if access to needs such as therapies and health care had gotten worse, gotten better, or stayed the same. They were also asked about their level of concern around COVID-related topics such as virtual learning and safety in the workplace. In total, 114 Texans completed the survey. Read selected stories to learn more about their experiences.


Read Summer COVID Stories


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