85th Legislative Session

Texas Legislature

85th Texas Legislative Session Banner

The Texas Legislature ended its 85th regular legislative session on May 29, 2017 and conducted its first called special session from July 18 to August 15, 2017. The interim period between legislative sessions will continue until the 86th regular legislative session begins on January 8, 2019.

Regular and Special Session Review

The Health and Human Services Budget Requests webpage includes information about the Legislative Appropriations Requests the Health and Human Services Commission submitted before and during the 85th regular legislative session. The Health and Human Services Budget Overview provides details about budget decisions that were ultimately made during the regular legislative session. Programs and services covered in the overview include community services, Promoting Independence, rate reductions, Early Childhood Intervention, State Supported Living Centers, and more. For information and analysis about select disability-related bills that passed or failed during the regular session, check out our Legislative Session Bill Tracking Reports. The Special Session Recap covers bills that passed during the first called special session, which includes bills related to do-not-resuscitate orders, education, and voting.

Interim Charges

During the interim between legislative sessions, committees are charged to study key issues and research information that will help guide future legislative decisions. You can learn about the interim charges that could have the most impact on people with disabilities by visiting our Top 7 Interim Charges webpage. To learn about the disability-related issues the Legislature is focused on between the 85th and 86th legislative sessions, check out the House Key Interim Charges and the Senate Key Interim Charges webpages.