Mental Health Bill Tracking

85th Legislative Session

The bills below could impact mental health services in Texas.

Mental Health Bills — Passed

HB 10Four PriceRelating to access to and benefits for mental health conditions and substance use disorders.
no datano dataRemarks: Requires designation of an ombudsman for behavioral health to assist consumers and providers with access to care. The ombudsman will report on potential state and federal violations and complaints, make referrals for services, and help consumers and providers file appeals and complaints. Establishes a Mental Health Condition and Substance Use Disorder Parity Work Group.
no datano dataLast Action: 09-01-17 G Earliest effective date
HB 1600Senfronia ThompsonRelating to certain mental health screenings under the Texas Health Steps program.
no datano dataRemarks: Requires at least one mental health screening during the annual physical be provided under Texas Health Steps to children ages 12 to 19 years.
no datano dataLast Action: 09-01-17 G Earliest effective date
SB 74Jane NelsonRelating to the provision of certain behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and their families under a contract with a managed care organization.
no datano dataRemarks: Clarifies that a non-LMHA provider may contract with a managed care organization to provide targeted case management and rehabilitative services to children, adolescents, and their families.
no datano dataLast Action: 06-09-17 G Earliest effective date
SB 292Joan HuffmanRelating to the creation of a grant program to reduce recidivism, arrest, and incarceration of individuals with mental illness.
no datano dataRemarks: Creates a matching funds grant program for a community collaborative (including the county, local mental health authority, and hospital district) to carry out an approved plan for reducing recidivism, arrest, and incarceration for people with mental illness, as well as reducing wait times for forensic commitments. The grant program will be limited to the top 10 most populous counties in Texas. Does not include measures for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
no datano dataLast Action: 09-01-17 G Earliest effective date
SB 1021Jane NelsonRelating to a report on the consolidation of the health and human services system, including advisory committees within the system, and the re-creation of the Texas system of care framework.
no datano dataRemarks: Requires HHSC to re-establish a system of care framework for the delivery of mental health services. Requires HHSC to 1) maintain a comprehensive plan; 2) enter Memorandum of Understanding between agencies specifying the roles and responsibilities relating to the plan; 3) identify funding sources; 4) develop a performance and outcome evaluation system to measure cross-system performance; and 5) consult with stakeholders, including minors and their families. Requires HHSC to report to the HHS Transition Legislative Oversight Committee by July 31, 2018.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-29-17 G Earliest effective date

Mental Health Bills — Not Passed

HB 1616Senfronia ThompsonRelating to an exemption from civil liability for certain professionals for the disclosure of certain mental health information.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have provided a liability exemption to mental health professionals who disclose confidential information in good faith because they believe the person may cause imminent injury to self or others.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-15-17 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Health and Human Services
HB 3080Toni RoseRelating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have prohibited the death penalty for a person who at the time of the commission of a capital offense was a person with severe mental illness.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-11-17 H Set on the House Calendar
SB 773Carlos UrestiRelating to the authority of a judge to compel a criminal defendant who lacks capacity to take psychoactive medication.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have expanded a court's authority to order an alleged offender who lacks capacity to take psychoactive medication even if they are not a danger to themselves or others.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-20-17 H Vote failed in committee on House Criminal Jurisprudence
SB 1146Robert NicholsRelating to the carrying of handguns by license holders on the property of state hospitals.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have allowed a state hospital to prohibit individuals from carrying a handgun on its premises. Would have imposed a civil fine of $100 for the first violation and $500 for each additional violation.
no datano dataLast Action: 03-07-17 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate State Affairs
SB 1183Charles PerryRelating to procedures regarding criminal defendants who are or may be persons with a mental illness or an intellectual disability and to the period for which a person may be committed to receive certain temporary mental health services.
no datano dataRemarks: With the exception of a defendant under age 14, the bill would have required court preference for a defendant with restored competency. The jail-based competency restoration would have counted toward time spent in court-ordered inpatient or outpatient treatment; further confinement would have required civil commitment. Would have added a jail-based competency restoration option for defendants incompetent to stand trial. Would have authorized an HHSC contract-based jail competency restoration program. Would have allowed psychologists to perform clinical functions previously reserved to psychiatrists, including determination of competency. Would have transferred defendants who do not regain competency to a facility. Would have shortened temporary commitments to 45 days, unless a judge found the longer period necessary.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-20-17 H Reported favorably from committee on House Public Health
SB 1688Eddie LucioRelating to the establishment of the student mental health division within the Texas Education Agency.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have required TEA to create a student mental health division to administer system wide plan to align resources, promote coordination with relevant state agencies, and promote academic success of students with mental illness and at risk of having mental illness, including students receiving special education services.
no datano dataLast Action: 04-27-17 S Committee action pending Senate Education
SB 1923Charles SchwertnerRelating to infrastructure funding for state hospital facilities and other state facilities, including the creation of the state hospital fund.
no datano dataRemarks: Would have established a state hospital fund for the purposes of ensuring (1) the safety and security of patients, employees, and visitors; (2) that care is provided in a setting that meets the standard of mental health care; (3) collaboration with health-related higher education institutions to educate and expand the mental health workforce; and (4) the reduction of recidivism and waiting lists.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-11-17 H Referred to House Committee on House Appropriations