Public Transportation Systems Position Statement

Public Transportation Systems

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities supports the position that public transportation systems must meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in a safe, reliable, convenient, affordable, timely and accessible manner. Transportation is essential for helping ensure all individuals can live as independently as they choose, and to be an active participant in their communities. A transportation system should be comprised of accessible pathways linked to all modes of transportation.

Almost one-third, 31%, of adults with disabilities report inadequate transportation access, double the rate of the general population, 13%.[1. American Association of People with Disabilities. (2012). Equity in Transportation for People with Disabilities. Washington, DC. Retrieved October 10, 2016 from] People with disabilities cannot enjoy the basic right to freedom of movement when access to transportation is not available or systems are limited, do not exist, are unsafe, or the transportation and walkways are not interconnected or accessible.

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities supports the position that publicly funded and/or regulated transportation service systems must:

  • Combine all transportation services and funding into one system to be universally accessible and effective;
  • Coordinate and computerize dispatch at state, federal and local levels among all modes of transportation;
  • Expand capacity in suburban, urban, rural and unincorporated areas to connect places people live with places they work, shop, socialize, worship, attend school, access health care, etc.;
  • Require alternative routes for people with disabilities and specifically those who use wheelchairs, during construction; and
  • Be fully accessible and available to all people with disabilities at varying times of the day.

The Council advocates for the active and sufficient representation of individuals with disabilities on boards and advisory groups for both public and private entities that oversee or provide transportation services.

Everyone must have access to safe, reliable, affordable, and accessible transportation to connect individuals where they live, where they need to be, when they need to get there for the promise of full community integration to be real for people with disabilities.

Council approved November 4, 2016

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