Community Living Position Statement

Community Living

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities supports the position that individuals with disabilities should have access to opportunities and the supports needed to make their own decisions, be included in community life, have interdependent relationships, live in homes and communities, and make contributions to their families, communities, the state, and the nation.

Individuals with disabilities must have access to the full range of accommodations necessary to ensure that living in their community is possible. These accommodations may take various forms such as supported decision-making, personal attendant services, medication monitoring, respite, durable medical equipment, employment services, transportation, and/or minor home modifications. Accommodations may be needed for either longer or shorter time or may be of greater or lesser amount depending on the need of the individual.

Services to children should be provided in their family home. When children cannot remain with their families, they must be cared for using principles, policies and processes akin to those of permanency planning and have access to family-based alternatives that ensure loving and nurturing relationships.

Adults with disabilities shall have choice and control about where, how, and with whom they live. They must be provided with assistance that may be needed, like supported decision-making, to make these choices and to sustain choices regarding community living. All people with disabilities should have access to the services and supports they need to live in the community. The state of Texas must allocate the requisite resources to support community living for people with disabilities. In addition, the state must rapidly expand the availability of individualized community options, transition all individuals in state institutions to community living, commit to a transition plan to close state supported living centers and transfer any cost savings to quality community programs. Communities must also be helped to foster accessibility within and across all facets of community life, so that maintaining community placement is a feasible outcome for individuals with disabilities.

Council approved May 6, 2016

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