The Enterprise Foundation — Best Practices Conference Series

Best Practices Conference Series

Statewide Need
Advocacy for responsive policies and programs is critical to ensuring the availability of resources and opportunities that enable persons with developmental disabilities (DD) to have the supports and services needed to live, work, and play in inclusive situations in communities of their choice. In this age of increased communication capabilities, the success of advocacy efforts is highly dependent on increased knowledge and awareness of advocates, parents, providers and policy makers about current issues and trends affecting people with DD. Statewide conferences that provide opportunities for advocates, parents, and a variety of agencies and organizations to network and share current knowledge and skills are powerful and efficient vehicles to bring people together to focus on a single theme.

Project Goal
Coordinate at least three statewide best practices conferences, highlighting proven methods of policy change and service delivery.

Project Summary
The Enterprise Foundation planned to coordinate three statewide best practices conferences, with the first one to be held Nov. 4-6, 2001, and the second Feb. 9-11, 2003. These conferences would highlight proven methods of policy change and service delivery that make a real difference in the lives of people with DD. Scholarships were planned to be provided so individuals with DD and families without organizational sponsorship could attend.

Project Period
Oct 2002 – May 2005

Geographic Reach

Orange shape of Texas indicating state wide coverage