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The Biennial Reports Project

Statewide Need
Texas has 12 separate agencies that together provide health and human services (HHS) to the state. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) was delegated responsibility to provide oversight and coordination of these agencies. The 76th Texas Legislature completed a sunset review of each HHS agency and enacted bills to achieve better coordination and integration of their services. Senate Bill (SB) 374, required the development of a biennial disability report to be presented to the governor and state Legislature prior to each regular legislative session. SB 374 also required agencies to conduct activities necessary to report to the Governor and Legislature about the status of services and supports provided to Texans with developmental disabilities (DD). Support should be provided for the development of the first two biennial reports on the state of services to persons with DD in Texas. This reporting mechanism is a significant opportunity to look more closely at issues identified in the sunset review process and in SB 374 concerning barriers to services and fragmentation across agencies, progress being made, and recommendations to improve the HHS system in Texas.

Project Goal
Develop the first two biennial reports on the state of services to persons with DD in Texas.

Project Summary
The project aimed to provide support to the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and state agencies in developing the first biennial report on the state of services to persons with disabilities in Texas. The report included recommendations on fiscal and program barriers to consumer-friendly services; progress toward a service delivery system individualized to each consumer based on functional needs; progress on the development of local cross-disability access structures; projections of future long-term care services needs and availability; and consumer satisfaction, consumer preferences, and desired outcomes.

Project Period
Feb 2000 – May 2003

426-B Darby Road
Havertown, PA 19083

Geographic Reach

Orange shape of Texas indicating state wide coverage