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Developmental Disabilities Policy Fellows

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Disability Rights Texas
2222 W Braker Lane
Austin, Texas 78758
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Project Director
Jeffrey Miller

Project Period
October 1, 2017 — September 30, 2019

Project Objective
The goal of this project is to hire a Policy Fellow to conduct extensive community redevelopment activities, challenge discriminatory policies and create change at the state and local levels over a two-year period that will advance the development of inclusive, healthy rural and urban communities to assure affordable, integrated and physically accessible housing and affordable, reliable transportation is available to people with disabilities in environmentally safe communities. The major objective is to eliminate barriers to housing, transportation and healthy communities imposed by public and private entities that result in disability discrimination, segregation of or are environmentally unsafe for persons with disabilities, particularly those with low incomes or who are homeless, institutionalized or at risk of institutionalization.

State Plan Goal 3
Increase the access that individuals with developmental disabilities and families of individuals with developmental disabilities have to information, training, and support to advocate for themselves and/or to collaborate with allies to impact public policy, service systems, and community supports.

Geographic Reach
Statewide Rural Areas

Disability Rights Texas DD Policy Fellows project Texas statewide reach

Area of Emphasis
Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training