MHMR of Tarrant County — Advanced Leadership Project

Advanced Leadership Project

Statewide Need
The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, in partnership with agencies, advocacy groups, parent organizations, and other groups at the state and local level, creates avenues for systems change and advocacy through direct demonstration of promising and best practices, structured training, and support of innovative programs. Structured educational programs provide opportunities for strengthening advocacy skills, broadening understanding of issues and trends, disseminating current knowledge, networking, and facilitating the creation of new and innovative ways of thinking and planning.

Project Goal
Focus on strengthening leadership skills development so that participants may increase their involvement in the community. Expand on emerging trends/best practices, provide networking opportunities, and enhance each individual’s ability to advocate for all people with developmental disabilities (DD).

Project Summary
The Advanced Leadership Training was planned for 100-150 people with DD and/or their families who had already completed some type of leadership training and had been active in the advocacy community. The program was to occur in early fall prior to the next legislative session and was to be implemented over two full days. The project was intended to provide advanced training in areas such as effective board participation, grant writing, and mediation. The program was also meant to provide opportunities to develop and enhance existing advocacy-related skills, including political, school, parent-to-parent, letter writing, and public speaking advocacy. Project activities were to support opportunities for participants to build new networks, expand existing ones, and increase their interactions with agents of change at all levels.

Project Period
Jul 2001 – May 2004

3840 Hulen St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Geographic Reach
North Texas