LR Consulting — Inclusive Education Demonstration Project

LR Consulting

Statewide Need
All students have a right to learn, play, and work with students their own age, in the same schools, classrooms, and other educational programs attended by their brothers, sisters, and neighbors. A broad range of children with diverse learning needs benefit from being included in their local community schools. These schools, classrooms, and programs must be both physically and programmatically accessible to all students. Improving inclusion practices for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) is needed to ensure accessibility and students’ rights. Exploring ways to prepare students with IDD within the general educational system can shift the notion of special education as a separate program to a service provided within the general educational system.

Project Goal
Assist schools in moving beyond physical and social inclusion to ensuring academic inclusion.

Project Summary
This demonstration project intended to examine best practices for including students with IDD in middle schools and provide support for five middle schools to pilot these practices. LR Consulting aimed to assist these schools in facilitating physical and social inclusion of students with IDD to ensure academic inclusion. With the focus on “accessing the general education curriculum,” LR Consulting proposed to provide technical assistance to examine the schools’ current practices. This would involve creating training to improve inclusive practices; evaluating student outcomes; establishing an infrastructure to continually examine and maintain inclusive momentum; and documenting findings.

Project Period
Oct 2000 – May 2005

Geographic Reach