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Parent Alliance for Learning and Support

Statewide Need
There is a continued need for the development of training programs and resources to assist Texans with developmental disabilities (DD) and their families learn leadership and advocacy skills. To do this, leadership development and advocacy skills training programs must exist in many different areas around the state. Because it is unlikely that any one organization can provide enough funding to meet the demand, it is imperative that organizations that offer this kind of training work with others. This structure will support the development and/or expansion of sustainable leadership and advocacy training efforts.

Project Goal
Provide training over five sessions on self-determination, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and general advocacy.

Project Summary
Brighton Center provided advocacy education to parents of children with DD and developmental delays (birth through age 22) through the Building Bridges curriculum. Hands-on support services were provided in small group and one-on-one sessions with a Parent Education Specialist on the subject of IDEA advocacy. Parents need these services largely due to language barriers and the need for translation of their child’s Individual Education Plan, as well as a need for more individualized support due to particular areas of concern.

The San Antonio Non-Profit Council provided advocacy education to community members and professionals interested in disability issues and advocacy. They broadened their spectrum of trainings to the community, brought in more dynamic speakers, held longer trainings to cover topics more thoroughly, and increased the overall number of training opportunities to be offered in the San Antonio area.

Self-advocacy education was also provided to young adults with DD and developmental delays (ages 15 through age 22) through a self-advocacy curriculum. Collaborations with Hector Garza Treatment Center, Monarch Academy and schools in the Comal County region increased the number of participants.

  • Impact
    • 656 parents were educated using the Building Bridges curriculum
    • 144 individuals were served through small group or one-on-one help services
    • 187 community members and professionals received education in general advocacy
    • 98 young adults with DD were educated through a self-advocacy curriculum

Project Period
Sep 2008 – Aug 2011

14207 Higgins Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78217

Geographic Reach
Bexar, Comal, Bandera and Kendall counties