Texas Tech University — Facts of Life Project

Facts of Life Project

Project Goal
Support the sexual health of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) across Texas through training and educational opportunities.

Project Summary
Sexual health education in the U.S. has largely neglected those with both physical and developmental disabilities. The Facts of Life Project will deliver a comprehensive, inclusive sexual health education curriculum developed specifically to educate people with IDD.

Through three-day “train the trainer” workshops, parents, families, caregivers, self-advocates, providers, and allies from communities across the state will receive intensive training on how to teach the curriculum. Workshop participants will receive educational materials, partake in discussions, and co-facilitate an all-day community training event. These newly trained individuals will be able to provide education in their communities allowing for a wider impact, especially to rural and underserved areas of Texas. Residents in those areas often have less access to resources and educational materials that address sexual health and healthy relationships.

Project Start
Sep 2019

PO Box 41071, MS 1071
Lubbock, TX 79409

Project Director:
Wes Dotson

Geographic Reach

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