Texas Parent to Parent — Developmental Disabilities Policy Fellow

Developmental Disabilities Policy Fellow

Project Goal
Provide a supportive learning environment for a Policy Fellow to develop the understanding and preparation needed to advocate for children with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Project Summary
Developmental Disabilities (DD) Policy Fellow projects increase the number of people with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in public policy activities to help people with DD become fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives. Policy Fellows work at national, state, and community levels on issues that address major social and health conditions facing people with DD.

The Texas Parent to Parent Policy Fellow is developing skills and knowledge to conduct public policy activities in support of families with children with DD and special healthcare needs. The Policy Fellow will meet with self-advocates, families, and policy groups and committees. The Fellow will also facilitate advocacy sessions to inform families on how they can have their voices heard by decision-makers.

Project Start
Feb 2020

1805 Rutherford Lane, Ste. 201
Austin, TX 78754

Project Director:
Laura Warren

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