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Texas State Independent Living Council
1524 S IH 35 Frontage Rd #320
Austin, TX 77095
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Project Director
Sarah Gernsbacher

Project Period
June 1, 2016 — May 31, 2021

Project Objective
The Texas State Independent Living Council (SILC) is a federally mandated, non-profit that proposes the Transportation Works project to coordinate five transportation summits for five years in the following Texas counties: Travis, McLennan (poverty-designated), Hidalgo (poverty-designated), and Galveston. Texas SILC proposes to initiate stakeholder dialogues through statewide and regional summits comprising of transportation collaborators and develop an extensive report that takes stock of Texas’ resources to assist in the transportation needs of Texans with disabilities. Texas SILC proposes to track a target of 30 Texans with disabilities over the project and anticipates an attendance of at least 50 at regional summits and 100 at statewide summits. Understanding the needs of Texans with disabilities and transportation barriers they face uniquely positions Texas SILC in creating sustainable change and increasing accessible transportation in Texas for the nearly 1.9 million Texans with disabilities who report not leaving their home due to inadequate transportation services.

State Plan Goal 1
Create and support promising practices that enable people with developmental disabilities to be fully included in their communities and to have control over their own lives by 9/30/2021.

Geographic Reach
Galveston, Hidalgo, McLennan and Travis Counties

Light Blue colored shape of Texas with Hidalgo, Galveston, McLennan and Travis Counties highlighted in Orange

Area of Emphasis