SAFE Alliance — Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

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SAFE Alliance
P.O. Box 19454
Austin, Texas 78760
(512) 267-7233

Project Director
Shell Schwartz

Project Period
September 1, 2017 — August 31, 2022

Project Objective
The goal of this project is to create a replicable, sustainable, experientially-based youth leadership development program to support transition-aged students (18-22) with developmental disabilities to share information, develop skills, and establish personal plans to become advocates/leaders for safe and healthy relationships; community inclusion; and other disability, human and civil rights. This goal will be accomplished by using a leadership and advocacy program model developed with input from transition students, community members, self-advocates and disability leaders, paid consultants with developmental disabilities, disability services and advocacy organizations, and peer groups. Ultimately, the project will decrease isolation and segregation, increase knowledge, skills, and access to support, promote leadership and self-advocacy skills, and inform youth about community-based resources.

State Plan Goal 3
Increase the access that individuals with developmental disabilities and families of individuals with developmental disabilities have to information, training, and support to advocate for themselves and/or to collaborate with allies to impact public policy, service systems, and community supports.

Geographic Reach
Travis County

SAFE Alliance Youth Leadership Development project with Travis County reach

Area of Emphasis
Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training