Mounting Horizons — Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

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Mounting Horizons
12238 Queenston Blvd, Suite F
Houston, Texas 77095
(713) 510-8755

Project Director
Michael Moore

Project Period
September 1, 2017 — August 31, 2022

Project Objective
To benefit young adults with disabilities, Mounting Horizons will establish the Young Adult Advocates Leadership club. This club will engage and educate 150 youth with developmental disabilities from area schools over the course of five years. The goal is to promote sustainable and authentic leadership in young adults through personal exploration and experimental learning to affect change in their community and how they are viewed and included in society. Participants will receive bi-monthly training, attend policymaking meetings, and guide peers to take action in their community by leading leadership and self-advocacy training at annual forums.

State Plan Goal 3
Increase the access that individuals with developmental disabilities and families of individuals with developmental disabilities have to information, training, and support to advocate for themselves and/or to collaborate with allies to impact public policy, service systems, and community supports.

Geographic Reach
Galveston County

Mounting Horizons Youth Leaders Development project Galveston County reach

Area of Emphasis
Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training