Baylor College of Medicine — Transition to Adult Care Mentorship

Transition to Adult Care Mentorship

Project Goal
Develop and implement a group and one-on-one peer mentorship program for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) transitioning from pediatric to adult Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).

Project Summary
The Baylor Transition Medicine Clinic’s mentorship program is providing group and one-on-one support to individuals with DD who are 18-20 years old and preparing to transition to adult services. The project will train 20 mentors and 40 mentees with the goal of improving mentees’ self-efficacy, medical and community support navigation, and transition to adult care readiness.

Each participant in the program will engage in five group sessions followed by one-on-one meetings with mentors who have successfully navigated medical and HCBS services and are active participants in their communities. Topics will include:

  • medical transition preparation and decision-making options;
  • changing from Star-Kids to Star-Plus Medicaid and HCBS;
  • transportation and independent living options;
  • mental and physical wellness; and
  • education, employment, and volunteering options.

Through these meetings, mentors will help mentees achieve goals relating to their transition from pediatric to adult Medicaid and HCBS. The clinic will also provide in-person and webinar/video conferencing to help expand the program to other areas of the state and country.

Project Start
Mar 2019

1 Baylor Plaza
Houston, TX 77030

Project Director:
Dr. Ellen Fremion

Geographic Reach
Harris County

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