Prefiling of Legislation Begins Nov. 12 for 2013 Legislative Session

Texas Legislature

Texas Senate Chamber

Texas Senate Chamber. Photo: Wikipedia.

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, Texas legislators begin filing bills for consideration during the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature, which convenes on Tuesday, Jan. 8. Legislators may draft bills personally or with the assistance of professional staff at the Texas Legislative Council. Bills may also originate upon the recommendation of a legislative committee. The speaker of the house and lieutenant governor direct each committee to study topics during the interim period between legislative sessions. Before the session begins, each committee submits a report on its interim charges, which includes legislative recommendations. Individuals or organizations interested in particular topics may also draft legislation, although it must be filed by a legislator.

For information on obtaining reports on interim charges, visit the¬†Texas Legislative Council’s Guide to Texas Legislative Information.