LAR Hearings Offer Opportunity to Provide Input on Agency Budgets

Texas Legislature

The Legislative Budget Board and Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning and Policy are holding joint hearings now on state agency legislative appropriations requests for the 2014-2015 biennium. These hearings continue through September, providing an opportunity for the public to comment on budget proposals on health and human services, education and other critical state services before the regular legislative session starts in January 2013.

Hearing Dates for Health and Human Services Agencies

Dates for health and human services hearings are scheduled as follows, but please note that the dates and times can change, even at the last minute. All of the hearings are planned for Room 140 of the Reagan Building at 105 West 15th Street in Austin and they will be broadcast on the Internet.

The following are available on the LBB website:

Appropriations Bill

Once all hearings are finished, LBB staff will draft a budget bill for the board to consider. The proposed budget, as approved by the LBB, becomes the initial appropriations/budget bill that goes to the Texas Legislature in January.

For more information on the steps taken in preparing the state budget, see “Budget 101: A Guide to the Budget Process in Texas” in the Finance section of the Texas Senate Research Center Publications webpage.