Housing Vouchers Help Texans with Disabilities Leave Institutions

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Over the past decade, Texas has received 1,564 Category 2 housing choice vouchers for non-elderly persons with disabilities (NED) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs (HUD). These vouchers are targeted to help people in institutions who need rental assistance move back to the community. If one of these Category 2 NED vouchers is returned to the housing authority for any reason, it is supposed to be reissued to another non-elderly person with a disability who is on the housing authority’s voucher waiting list.

Housing authorities have until June 14, 2012, to report to HUD that all of these vouchers that they have received are being used by non-elderly persons with disabilities. If your housing authority is listed below, you can contact them and make sure all its Category 2 NED vouchers are being used by non-elderly persons with disabilities, as required. You can also encourage your housing authority to make people with disabilities a priority for different types of housing choice vouchers funded by HUD. Visit HUD’s Local Office Directory webpage for local HUD contact information and details on category 2 vouchers is at Non-Elderly Disabled (NED) Vouchers webpage.

NED Category 2 Vouchers per Housing Authority

  • Amarillo Housing Authority – 103
  • Arlington Housing Authority – 175
  • Austin Housing Authority – 36
  • Corpus Christi Housing Authority – 100
  • Deep East Texas Council of Governments – 150
  • Housing Authority of Corsicana – 75
  • Housing Authority of Dallas – 100
  • Houston Housing Authority – 175
  • Housing Authority of Lubbock – 100
  • Montgomery County Housing Authority – 75
  • Housing Authority of San Angelo – 20
  • San Antonio Housing Authority – 75
  • Tarrant County Housing Assistance – 175
  • Texas Dept of Housing & Community Affairs – 35
  • Texoma Council of Governments – 50
  • Travis County Housing Authority – 75
  • Walker County Housing Authority – 45

Texas Statewide Total = 1,564