Border Voices on Disability Policy Fellowship

Project Goal
Establish a Developmental Disability (DD) Policy Fellow position to focus on disability-related issues, policies, and advocacy for people with DD living in El Paso County and other regions along the Texas-Mexico border.

Project Summary
DD Policy Fellow projects increase the number of people with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in public policy activities to help people with DD become fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives. Policy Fellows work at national, state, and community levels on issues that address major social and health conditions facing people with DD.

The Border Voices on Disability Policy Fellowship will bring the perspectives of El Pasoans into conversations about statewide policies that impact people with DD. The Fellowship will also improve disability advocates’ access to higher education programs that focus on disability issues.

Project Start
April 2020

1101 E. Schuster Ave.
El Paso, TX 79902

Project Director:
Gilda Gil-Lopez

Geographic Reach
El Paso county

El Paso County