Disaster Relief and Recovery Mini-Grants

Funding Available for Grants

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The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) and The Arc of Texas have partnered with local entities to provide support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Mini-grants are available for organizations in the designated disaster counties in Texas to provide support or engage in activities and new initiatives that may help build community capacity and better prepare for any future disasters that may occur. The deadline for applications is January 11, 2019.

Where did these funds come from?

  • DD Councils in Texas, Maryland, and North Carolina, and also NACDD
  • The Arc of Texas is partnering with DD Councils to distribute funds in the region

Who is eligible for this assistance?

  • Funds must be used to support individuals with developmental disabilities or family members
  • Individuals must reside in one of 60 designated disaster counties. For a list of counties, see Governor Greg Abbott’s disaster declaration
  • Support must be related to Hurricane Harvey impact and recovery where other resources are not available
  • Can be used for community capacity building or activities that promote systems change

What can the funds be used for and what is the process for applying?
Application from organizations who support individuals with developmental disabilities to request support. Support may include (but is not limited to):

  • housing and transportation
  • home items and home repair not available through other resources (e.g., FEMA, other)
  • accessibility modifications
  • service coordination and navigation of existing resources
  • administrative program support for recovery
  • relocation expenses
  • child care or respite following disasters
  • counseling programs
  • medical equipment
  • supported employment
  • education and training programs
  • filling gaps in existing coverage (e.g., not covered by FEMA or other sources)
  • other

What outcomes need to be reported?

  • Must include tracking of expenses – (person with developmental disabilities benefiting from or receiving funds, what funds were used for, how this improved community living and support)
  • Description of needs of individuals with IDD that evolve over time
  • Gaps in community support network
  • Lessons learned to share with other states to prepare for future disasters

Review process
A review panel consisting of TCDD Council members, staff, and The Arc of Texas will evaluate each application based on how well the proposal responds to the requirements and intent described above.

Other considerations
Funds may not be used for activities that may require registration in the state system as a lobbyist.

Applying for a mini-grant
The deadline for applications is January 11, 2019. The application is available here.