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Grants Review Panel Members

Grant Review Panel Member

  • Job Description

    The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) maintains a database of individuals who are interested in reviewing and evaluating grant proposals for the Council. Inclusion in the database does not ensure that you will be asked to serve on a panel, but panel members are typically selected only from those individuals in the database. To have your name added to the database, you must submit a Review Panel Application. Visit the Review Panel Application webpage to submit your application.

  • Responsibilities of Review Panel Members
    • Independently review and make notes about the strengths and weaknesses of grant proposals.
    • Score proposals using a provided review guide.
    • Meet with other review panel members to discuss proposals and develop recommendations.
    • Abide by TCDD’s non-disclosure and conflict of interest regulations.

  • Employment Status

    Contractor, on an as needed basis

  • Compensation
    • $30.00 for each proposal reviewed independently.
    • $75.00 for a half day meeting or $150.00 for a full day meeting.
    • Travel and per diem if necessary to participate in the meeting.

  • Skills, Experience, and Education

    Each review panel consists of 3-5 individuals who, as a group, have the skills and experience needed to evaluate proposals received in response to a specific Request for Proposals. This may include individuals who have disabilities and/or have family members with disabilities; professionals in the disability field; and/or others who have expertise around a certain topic but may not have as much familiarity with disability issues. TCDD strives to develop review panels that are as diverse as possible so that multiple points of view are considered in the discussion.

    TCDD requires that all review panel members must be their own guardians and, with reasonable accommodations, be able to:

    • understand and accept TCDD’s mission to create change so that all people with disabilities are fully included in their communities and exercise control over their own lives,
    • review and understand the proposals and the Request for Proposals,
    • identify and communicate strengths and weaknesses of proposals,
    • work cooperatively in a group to reach consensus.

    Note — if an individual is related to a board member or management staff (to the first degree of consanguinity) of an organization, they may not review proposals submitted by the organization.

  • Residence Location


  • Education

    No minimum