Stipend Application Packet Request

Note: To apply for a stipend, organizations must read and agree to the TCDD Assurances. If you arrived to this page without first agreeing to the TCDD Assurances, visit the Assurances page and submit the Assurances Form at the bottom of the page.

To download a stipend application packet, complete and submit the form below. To request we mail you a paper copy of the Stipend Application Packet, submit a request to:

Barbara Booker
Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
6201 E. Oltorf, Ste 600
Austin, TX, 78741
(512) 437-5432
Fax (512) 437-5434

Stipend Application Packet Request Form

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    • Event Stipends Application Packet
    • Disability-Related Speakers Stipends Application Packet
    • Translation/Interpretation Services Stipends Application Packet.

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