Negotiation and Award


TCDD will notify each Successful Applicant of its selection to receive an award. The dollar amount awarded to each Apparent Awardee depends on the:

  • Available funding,
  • Applicant’s response merit and scope,
  • Independent Review Panel recommendations, and
  • Executive Committee decision.

Any award resulting from this RFA will be funded:

  1. On a cost reimbursement basis, and
  2. Only to the extent the Grantee commits, uses, and reports approved project funds and required match funds within each expenditure and match reporting period.

Under the cost reimbursement method, the Grantee must initially pay for project activities using its own funds. TCDD then issues reimbursement payments to the Grantee on a monthly basis for reported actual cash disbursements supported by adequate documentation.

All costs funded by the grant must be allowable, allocable and reasonable. Grant applications must be supported by a detailed and realistic budget.


Before finalizing any agreements, TCDD may enter negotiations with each Successful Applicant to determine:

  • The award period,
  • The final award amount, and
  • The terms of the grant.

Reimbursement is made only for allowable and reported expenses the Grantee incurs within the grant term.

The negotiation phase involves direct contact between the Apparent Awardee and TCDD representatives and may be conducted via phone, email, and/or in person. Apparent Awardees may expect:

  1. In-depth discussions of the Application and Proposed Project, and
  2. Requests for clarification or additional detail regarding the Application and Proposed Project.

Final funding amounts and award terms are determined at the sole discretion of TCDD.

TCDD Right to Cancel, Make Partial Award, or Decline to Award

TCDD reserves the right to cancel, make partial award, or decline to award a Grant under this RFA at any time at its sole discretion.