Expectations of All Grantees


Grantees must submit progress reports quarterly. Grantees must submit financial documents, including reimbursement requests, monthly. Grantees must also provide required evaluation and survey data, information about systems change measures, contact information for project participants, annual continuation proposals, personal stories related to impact of project activities, and a final report. Failure to meet reporting and spending requirements may impact continuation or future grant awards.

Continuation Funding Proposals

Grantees may be asked to provide information about public policy implications and sustainability in the application for continuation funding.

Project Advisory Committee

TCDD supports the establishment of a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) for all or part of a project period, although a PAC is typically not required. TCDD may determine the need for the grantee to establish a PAC to help the project produce outcomes that are consistent with the RFA goals.

TCDD Support

TCDD will serve as a resource to support grantees to be successful. Grantees may be asked to participate in grants management training during the project period. Grantees may also receive calls from TCDD staff about outcome and performance measures, public policy issues that relate to a Grantee’s project, products produced, and project events (if applicable). All grantees are required to attend a new grant kick-off with TCDD. An in-person kick off meeting is not required; however, travel costs for this kick off meeting should be included in the budget if the meeting will take place in person. If a Grantee’s project is funded for additional years, they may be asked to present about the project’s progress at a quarterly Council meeting (typically held in Austin). Kick-off meetings and Council meetings should be factored into Grantees’ annual budget. TCDD may share opportunities for a Grantee to present at state and/or national conferences.

Project Communications

Grantees will work with TCDD to develop and execute a communications plan for their project. Plans could include promoting grantee activities via external communications, raising awareness about products created as part of the project (if any), and developing required stories about the project’s impact at both the community and personal level. All communications products must be approved by TCDD.

Grants Manual

All Grantees must adhere to the TCDD Grants Manual which is a document that provides information related to program policies and procedures, financial regulations, financial guidelines, and more. To view the manual, click here.