Application and Submission Information

General Instructions

All applications must:

  1. be completed in their entirety and contain all required sections of the application, including applicant information, project description, project budget and justification, workplan and project evaluation plan, and statutory/program assurances;
  2. be responsive to all RFA requirements;
  3. be signed by an authorized official in each place a signature is required; and
  4. include completion of all sections of the required forms, which consist of the following:

    1. Application – Part I. Applicant Information: This form is completed by the applicant to provide information about the applicant organization.

    2. Application – Part II. Project Description: The purpose of the Project Summary/Abstract is to describe succinctly every major aspect of the proposed project. It should contain a statement of objectives and methods to be employed.

    3. Application – Part III. Budget and Justification: The purpose of the budget and justification is to present and justify all expenses required to achieve project goals and objectives. This part of the application packet is to be used by the applicant to complete and submit the details of its funding request.

      1. Budget Summary and Detail – In the Budget Detail, the justifications provided must be detailed, explain the methodology used, and clearly show how calculations were made.

      2. Cost Allocation Plan – If any of the costs included in the Applicant’s project budget will benefit more than one agency activity or program, the Applicant must submit its agency’s Cost Allocation Plan.

    4. Application – Part IV. Project Workplan: This is the description of how the project will be implemented, including project phases, activities, tasks, the names of the people responsible for each activity and task, and the corresponding due dates.

    5. Application – Part V. Statutory/Program Assurances: The purpose of the assurances section is to ensure that the applicant organization will comply with all relevant Federal laws and guidelines. Applicant must certify that it understands and will comply with TCDD assurances and all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The Statutory/ Program Assurances must be read, accepted, signed, and submitted as part of your application.

    6. Letters of Support are optional. To include letters of support or letters from other entities or individuals that state they will partner with Applicant on the project, they must be submitted as an attachment to the application. A maximum of up to five letters may be submitted as part of the application.

All forms requiring signatures must be signed by an authorized official before being submitted.

Application Submission and Delivery

  1. Deadline to Submit Applications

    Applications must be received by TCDD no later than the submission deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

  2. Delivery of Application

    The online application must be completed and submitted electronically through the TCDD site. Applications submitted by any other method (e.g., mail, email, facsimile, telephone) will NOT be considered.

    The application must include all required signatures.

    Applications received after the deadline will NOT be considered.

    All applications become the property of TCDD after the submission deadline and will not be returned to the Applicant.

  3. Alterations, Modifications, and Withdrawals

    Prior to the deadline to submit applications, an Applicant may:

    1. withdraw its application by submitting a written request to; or
    2. modify its application by submitting a written amendment to TCDD may request application modifications at any time.