Fewer Doctors Accepting Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare Patients

Health Care

The number of Texas doctors willing to accept new Medicaid patients is dropping dramatically, according to the Texas Medical Association survey, “Drop in Physician Acceptance of Medicaid, Medicare Patients — July 9, 2012”.

Only 31% of Texas doctors said they are accepting new Medicaid patients now, compared to 42% in 2010 and 67% in 2000. The number of doctors accepting new patients who rely just on Medicare also dropped, going from 78% in 2000 to 66% in 2010 and 58% now. More than 54% of doctors also said they were not accepting patients in the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Meanwhile, the number of Texans using Medicaid is growing. From fiscal year 2008 to 2011, the number of persons enrolled in Medicaid increased by 26%, about 754,500 Texans. An interactive map by the Texas Tribune compares enrollment in Medicaid by county to the number of doctors who provided Medicaid services in fiscal year 2011.