Deadline Nears to Choose Child’s Medicaid/CHIP Dentist

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Boy in dentist chair having his teeth examinedStarting on Sept. 1, 2012, individuals under age 21 in Texas who are on the state’s dental managed care program for Medicaid and CHIP must go through their “main dentist” to arrange all dental care. While the managed care program, Children’s Medicaid Dental Services, was created in March 2012, the deadline to choose a dentist was delayed by six months to allow people more time to make the decision and avoid any disruptions in service.

As most families who have a child with complex needs know, it can be very difficult to find dentists who can serve them, much less those that are taking new patients. Adding to this problem, many dentists will only serve children and youth with complex medical conditions in a hospital setting because of challenges such as the risk of aspiration, breathing complications and seizure disorders.

If you are having trouble finding a dentist on your plan that is nearby and willing to serve your child, or getting services that are needed, you can call the customer help line for your dental plan, which should be listed on the back of your membership card.

Dental Advocates

Dental advocates can be reached toll-free at the following numbers:

Delta Dental Dental Plan

  • If on Medicaid: (877) 535- 5896
  • If on CHIP:  (866) 561-5892
  • TTY/Hearing Impairments: (800) 855-2880


  • If on Medicaid: (800) 516-0165
  • If on CHIP: (800) 508-6775
  • TTY/Hearing Impairments: (800) 955-8771


  • If on Medicaid: (855) 691-6262
  • If on CHIP: (855) 691-6262
  • TTY/Hearing Impairments: 7-1-1

If you still have trouble getting services you need after working with your dental plan, you can call the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for help at (800) 964-2777 or TTY (800) 267-5008 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time.

More information about CHIP and Children’s Medicaid Services