Biennial Disability Report Makes Recommendations to Enhance Services

To address the increasing number of Texans with developmental disabilities and demand for services, the State needs to take several actions to ensure appropriate and adequate prevention efforts and long-term service and supports systems, according to the 2012 Texas Biennial Disability Report. This includes expanding policies that honor the choices of individuals to live in the most integrated setting that meet their needs, addressing the needs of families in crisis to prevent the unnecessary institutionalization of children and addressing the shortage of direct support workers.

The report, which outlines present and future needs for services and supports, is developed every 2 years by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities in collaboration with the Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities. It also makes recommendations to improve services and prevention efforts.

The report has a special focus on the connection between education and employment, related services in Texas and individual satisfaction. It includes 4 recommendations to improve education and employment:

  1. Improve access to services.
  2. Improve professional training.
  3. Develop an education system that meets the actual needs of children with developmental disabilities.
  4. Provide adequate funding for education and vocational services.

For more details and full recommendations, download the 2012 Texas Biennial Disability Report from our Publications and Multimedia page.